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Quick-change support bushing held in place with snap ring.

Chip Box

Flexible plastic SnapGuide® bushings stretch over carbide gun drill tip and contract over steel tube to
stop drill whipping and vibration. Contoured hole in SnapGuide
® forms perfect seal on gun drill.


Our signature Blue Bushings® always guarantee
you top quality.



SnapGuide® with round holes are used in the steadyrest. This speeds drill loading by eliminating the need to orient the contoured hole in the SnapGuide® with the drill. Extra clearance in SnapGuide® allows drill tip to slide through easier. Also helps prevent steadyrest from being dragged out of position.


Set Up Reduction

Each bearing holder has large drill
range capacity reducing or eliminating holder change-overs on machine.

SnapGuide®  Drill Range
17mm OD - <=.0769 -.5099
20mm OD - <=.0831 -.6399
30mm OD - .0985 - 1.0449
45mm OD - .800-1.5199
75mm OD - 1.520-2.044+

mm Version Catalog
17mm OD - 1,6 - 13,499
20mm OD - 1,7 - 16,399
30mm OD - 2,4 - 26,999
45mm OD - 20,8 - 39,1
75mm OD - 38,7 - 51,0+